Featured in the Indian Pen Anthology

Super excited to share that some of my poetry was featured in the Indian Pen Anthology. It’s always gratifying when your work is appreciated. Thank you so much for all the support, it helps me grow everyday! It’s available on Amazon kindle and hard copy! Link shared below.

He was a musician

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato Music has the power to connect people unlike any other medium. It oozes passion and soul; sends chills down your spine and warms your heart; shatters you into pieces and keeps you whole. To…

The journey from skeptic to Swiftie

“Time, mystical time, cutting me up and then healing me fine.Time, wondrous time, gave me the blues and then purple pink skies” I first listened to Taylor Swift as a ten-year-old who loved everything Disney. With tracks of High School Musical and Hannah Montana constantly on repeat on my iPod, I stumbled upon ‘Love Story’….

My three-minute fix

A small moment of respite in a rather long lockdown! “There’s so many wars we’ve fought There’s so many things we’re not But with what we have, I promise you that We’re marching on, we’re marching on.” I rolled down the windows of my Dad’s car, the crescendo beat picked up, and my brother and…